2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report


Cintas employee-partners are engaged in sustainability.

Cintas has more than 400 facilities around the world and our high sustainability standards around energy efficiency, water usage and waste reduction make us both good corporate citizens and good neighbors.

Environmental Sustability Facilities

At Cintas, we fully engage our employee-partners in the practice of creating workplace sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Energy Efficiency

About 15 percent of electricity usage at Cintas facilities comes from lighting, so we are moving towards converting to energy-efficient lighting at most of our sites.

Drying Methods
State of the art moisture measurement methods have allowed us to reduce garment drying time by as much as 50 percent, saving significant amounts of fossil fuel and eliminating related greenhouse gas emissions.

Cintas has partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program. This program provides a strategic approach to energy management by tracking an organization’s current energy-efficiency and improvement. The focus on energy usage benefits both consumers and the environment by lowering utility bills and increasing the use of energy-efficient products and practices.

Water Usage

Waste Water Treatment
Cintas laundry facilities treat wastewater before discharging it to eliminate pollutants and assist in recycling of water.

Industry-Leading Sustainable Washing Standards
Cintas was the first industrial launderer in our industry to employ washing standards that are 100% NPE-free, phosphate-free and EDTA-free at all of its 175 uniform laundry facilities throughout North America.


ECO-GENERATION SUITING: Turning millions of recycled plastic water bottles into new suits.



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