2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report


On the Leading Edge of Workplace Safety

Cintas is widely recognized as an industry leader in safety innovation, and we work relentlessly at all levels of the company to be sure that remains true.

Safety Awards

Our customers and competitors alike appreciate Cintas for traversing the leading edge of workplace safety.

OSHA VPP “Star” recognition

  • Ashland, KY Distribution Center
  • Mason, OH Distribution Centers
  • Reno, NV Distribution Center
  • Scranton, PA Distribution Center
  • Baltimore, MD Rental Plant
  • Greensboro, NC Rental Plant
  • Indianapolis, IN Rental Plants (2)
  • Maple Grove, MN Rental Plant
  • Aston, PA Rental Plant
  • Baton Rouge, LA Rental Plant
  • Chandler, AZ Rental Plant
  • Charlotte, NC Rental Plant
  • Corpus Christi, TX Rental Plant
  • Frankfort, IN Rental Plant
  • Ft. Wayne, IN Rental Plants (2)
  • Lafayette, LA Rental Plant
  • Pittsburgh East, PA Rental Plant
  • Portsmouth, VA Rental Plant
  • Providence, RI Rental Plant
  • Richmond, VA Rental Plant
  • Searcy, AR Rental Plant
  • Strongsville, OH Rental Plant
  • Hammond, IN Rental Plant
  • Culpepper, VA Rental Plant
  • Statesville, NC Rental Plant
  • St. College, PA Rental Plant
  • Morgantown, WV Rental Plant
  • Ft. Smith, AR Manufacturing Plant
  • Fayetteville, NC Rental Branch
  • Lawton, OK Rental Branch
  • Terre Haute, IN Rental Branch
  • South Bend, IN Rental Branch
  • Indianapolis, IN FAS
  • Portland, OR FAS

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

  • Calgary, Alberta Rental Plant
  • Edmonton, Alberta Rental Plant
  • Newmarket, Ontario Rental Plant
  • Torlake, Ontario Rental Plant
  • Lindsay, Ontario Rental Branch
  • Kingston, Ontario Rental Branch
  • Toronto, Ontario Distribution Center

Mexico PASST Award / Level 3

  • Ensambles Manufacturing Plant
  • Empresa Manufacturing Plant/ Mexico Cutting Center

Honduras Safe Company with Safe Work Award / Level 3

  • Cintas De Honduras Manufacturing Plant and Cutting Center

SHARP Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program

  • Eugene, OR Rental Plant
  • Grand Rapids, MI Rental Plant
  • Greenville, SC Rental Plant
  • Macomb, MI Rental Plant
  • Medford, OR Rental Plant
  • Portland, OR FAS
  • 2 employee-partners in Baton Rouge, LA and Lafayette, LA are certified as Special Government Employees (SGE) able to assist OSHA with VPP inspections and mentoring aspiring VPP businesses.
  • Mobile, AL rental plant presented the story of their Transformational Safety Journey at the Region IV VPPPA conference in Asheville, NC
  • Jackson, MS rental operation had the story of their Safety Journey shared on the Mississippi American Society of Safety Engineers website.
  • Minneapolis, MN rental plant received Governor’s Safety Award

Eight locations in North Carolina earned the North Carolina Safety Award

  • Greensboro, NC (Rental)
  • Charlotte, NC (Rental)
  • Charlotte, NC (First Aid and Safety)
  • Asheville, NC (Rental)
  • Statesville, NC (Rental)
  • Greenville, NC (Rental)
  • Fayetteville, NC (Rental)
  • Raleigh, NC (Fire Protection)



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