2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report
Safety Hero Rick Gerlach

At Cintas,
we embrace
lessons learned
from our safety
journey every day.


Safety at Cintas


Safety is Embedded in the Fabric of Cintas

At Cintas, we embrace lessons learned from our safety journey every day. And we live them—our employee-partners practice the safety habits learned on the job with their families and in their homes, from teaching family members how to use fire extinguishers to making conscious decisions not to text while driving. We’re a team of spirited, diverse and professional employee-partners who employ rigorous transformational safety standards and we consider safety as a core company value. Cintas is widely recognized as an industry leader in safety innovation, and we work relentlessly at all levels of the company to be sure that remains true.

We pass our safety expertise directly onto our customers. Sargio Desdunes, Service Manager of Radley Acura explained, “We had some previous safety and image concerns throughout the dealership. Through a complete solution and single point of contact, Cintas helped us quickly solve these.” Click here to read the full story of how Cintas created a comprehensive solution to meet the multiple needs at Radley Acura.

Our customers and competitors alike appreciate Cintas for our commitment to workplace safety. Our employee-partners are motivated to go above and beyond to deliver for our customers. Equipped with extensive training, a positive discontent for the status quo and a caring attitude, our employee-partners comprise the essence of what sets us apart. Cintas’ safety journey has meant the company focuses not only on the work, but also on the best way to keep our partners safe as they perform the work.

 Safety Data Infographic

Cintas’ Safety Vision

Our journey to world-class safety requires every
employee-partner’s commitment and understanding
of Cintas' Safety Vision:

1. Ensure every Cintas location is injury free.

2. Ensure every Cintas partner is engaged in
continuously improving safety.

3. Earn recognition as a world leader in
safety and health performance.



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