2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report


At Cintas, it’s paramount that our facilities are satisfying places to work and that they operate consistently with internationally recognized standards.

Our employee-partners are expected to follow our conduct and ethics policies, and are encouraged and empowered to help make their workplaces safe. The health and safety of our employee-partners is an essential part of our success.

Safety at Our Safe Wrokplace at Cintas

36 Cintas locations have achieved the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Certification.

Cintas has a long history of safety engagement at our facilities. To enhance our already-impressive safety efforts, Cintas assembled an Executive Safety Council in 2007. Chaired by CEO Scott Farmer, the group includes 20 key employee-partners who meet every six months to address safety concerns and define strategies. Safety and Improvement Committees operate at local Cintas sites. The facility’s General Manager chairs the committee, and they knit together employee-partners from frontline production, service and office areas, as well as plant managers. This wide cross-section provides a rich and informed opportunity for frank discussions about how to best continue on our safety journey and make effective change.

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Star Certification

36 Cintas locations have achieved the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Certification. Star Certification recognizes outstanding efforts by an employer and its employees to achieve exemplary occupational safety and health at their worksites. Under the VPP program, Cintas management, employee-partners and OSHA established cooperative relationships at facilities that implemented a comprehensive safety and health management system. To verify an exceptional level of safety at Cintas, a team of OSHA experts conducted rigorous onsite evaluations at each facility that achieved Star Certification. With 36 VPP Star sites, Cintas has the 8th highest number of VPP sites compared to other companies that have successfully pursued VPP certification in the U.S.

In Indiana specifically, nine Cintas locations have been recognized for partner engagement and safety excellence by earning VPP Star status under the Indiana OSHA VPP program. No other company that does business in Indiana has as many VPP locations as Cintas. As a result of this achievement. Cintas is in first place overall in Indiana for the greatest number of VPP sites. Over the next year, we expect at least one more Indiana site to earn VPP Star certification, helping us remain the #1 company in Indiana for VPP Star locations.

Engaged Employee-Partners

  • Stretch and Flex
    Every work day, Cintas employee-partners engage in “Stretch and Flex,” a series of stretching exercises done at the beginning of each shift and at lunchtime. Stretches keep their muscles limber, which in turn reduces the risk of sprains, strains and other injuries. An added benefit is that it provides a built-in opportunity for employee-partners to talk to each other about best safety practices. According to Rick Gerlach, Cintas’ Senior Director of Safety and Health, “The value is not only having employee-partners limber up before work, but it also helps to drive and reinforce safety as an important element of our company culture at Cintas.”
  • Ergonomic Excellence Centers
    Cintas’ Corporate Ergonomist trained a team of employee-partners to identify ergonomics risks and, as a result, they implemented dozens of solutions. The Greensboro Ergonomics Team has since identified solutions to help employee-partners across Production, Service and Sales perform their jobs in a healthier manner. The Ergonomic Excellence Center concept was expanded to more than 30 Cintas locations in 2015.
  • Prevention Audits and Maintenance Safety Certifications
    For our maintenance employee-partners, Prevention Audits build upon the foundational knowledge base that they obtain by completing the Maintenance Safety Certification process. While the Maintenance Safety Certification measures the safety knowledge of our maintenance teams over approximately 15 safety areas relevant to their jobs, the Prevention Audits focus solely on the potentially high-risk tasks that our maintenance staff encounter at least once per week in the performance of their job duties. The Prevention Audits are a “one-on-one” meeting between a corporate safety employee-partner and maintenance employee-partner.

  • Living the Safety Journey Outside of Work
    Cintas employee-partners routinely practice good safety at work, but have also taken their safety awareness home to their families, to their hobby workshops and garages and even to the grocery store. Here are some quotes from our employee-partners about the impact of their safety training:
    • I purchased and installed a voice fire alarm for our home, and we created a fire escape plan and rallying point for the family.
    • I follow the hydration program regularly and have found that I’m drinking a lot more water!
    • I shared “Teen Safe Driving” tips with my daughter and not only does she use them, she shared them with her friends.
    • I no longer head out to do yard work without proper protection! That means gloves, safety glasses and earplugs.
    • I employ Safelift when picking up heavy objects—like the trash can at home or dog food at the grocery store.
    • I don’t climb the ladder alone. Whether I’m changing a light bulb or cleaning the gutters, I make sure someone is watching me and holding the ladder while I’m on it.
    • When I go out the garage to work on my motorcycle, my first step is to put on gloves, safety glasses and, when necessary, a shop apron.



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