2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report


The Cintas fleet travels millions of miles every year.

Cintas has a mobile workforce. Many of our employees operate vehicles on the road in the delivery of our products and services to customers. Hence on-the-road-vehicle safety is of great importance to us.

 Our Safe Fleet at Cintas

Cintas has a mobile workforce and safety stays top of mind.

3 Points of Contact

Cintas employs a method that reduces injuries due to slips, trips and falls among our drivers. Grab bars are installed on the outside of all service vehicles along with handrails on the descending side of the passenger steps. Maintaining three points of contact means our Service Sales Representatives keep their feet and at least one hand in contact with the steps and a railing or grab bar at all times. This effectively reduces the possibility of injury while maneuvering the steps of Cintas service vehicles.


Cintas’ Safeload System is an engineering innovation that substantially changed the way our Service Sales Representatives handle soiled uniforms. For many years, soiled garments picked up at customer sites were stored in piles at the rear of the service vehicles and throughout the day the piles would grow in size, resulting in potentially unsafe footing conditions. Since implementing Safeload, soiled goods are now stored in heavy-duty cloth bags hung from rails inside the vehicle, resulting in a safer work environment with a clear walking path.

Pre-trip/Post-trip Inspections

Cintas requires all of our vehicle operators to perform a thorough physical inspection of their vehicles before putting trucks into service each day and after routes are completed. Drivers are trained extensively to recognize safety defects and they must complete a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report for each day their vehicle is used. If there are any safety issues, the vehicle cannot be put back into service until repairs are completed.



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