2015 Corporate
Responsibility Report


At Cintas, we foster and support a diverse workforce because it’s essential to our continued success.

Cintas needs our employee-partners to bring their whole selves to work every day because we know that a diverse team of professionals with varied sets of experiences and perceptions only enhances what we provide our customers, and because it makes Cintas a better place to work. Our diversity efforts aren’t limited to ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or age; our recruitment efforts are also focused on military veterans and employee-partners with disabilities.

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Diversity and Inclusion People and Partnerships

We win together by working together as a team at Cintas, showing mutual respect to our colleagues regardless of background or tenure.

Cintas strives to be a rewarding and growth-oriented employer. We’ve developed clear, focused recruitment and hiring objectives along with a strategy pipeline to achieve greater diversity in both upper management and among our employee-partners.

Our commitment to diversity has resulted in an increase in Management Trainees from traditionally under-represented groups. We provide extensive training, often utilizing our Cintas Inclusion Coaches to facilitate small group discussions that emphasize the necessity of fostering inclusion and appreciation for our colleagues rather than merely tolerating each other.

5 Core Attributes of Diversity and Inclusion at Cintas

People and Partnerships Five Core Attributes People and Partnerships Five Core Attributes

Youth Engagement

At Cintas, we value education and offer opportunities for current college students and recent graduates. In our Scholars internship program, current students can gain the world-class business skills needed to be successful in their chosen careers. This opportunity is designed for students who want to make the most of their education and secure their future place in the business world.

 People and Partnerships Youth Engagement

Cintas Scholars from across the organization gather at our corporate headquarters.

University of Alabama Huntsville student Allen Bailey is a current management Trainee at Cintas. Bailey has completed three successful paid internships with Cintas—his first two Summers in Mobile, AL and his third at Corporate Headquarters in Mason, OH.

"Being a student, working full-time, and being dedicated to my own personal development, can be a challenge at times but I am no stranger to hard work," Bailey said. “The Cintas Scholar Internship Program has proven to be the experience of a lifetime. The team building aspect of this program taught me how to conduct business at an advanced, personal and professional level. Meeting so many aspiring young professionals also allowed me to grow my network exponentially…The Cintas Internship Program has definitely helped shape my development and I'm very grateful to be a part of it.”

Philip Holloman, Cintas President and COO with current Management Trainee, Allen Bailey.

Engaging Employee-Partners with Disabilities

We win together by working together as a team at Cintas, showing mutual respect to our colleagues regardless of background or tenure. Our Oklahoma City opearion is home for seven employee-partners with physical disabilities and, according to their supervisors, they’re each an integral part of the team.

Shea and Matt, employee-partners who are deaf, work the night-shift unloading trucks. Two other deaf partners, Dawn and Maria, play critical roles on the production and stockroom floor. Peter has Usher syndrome, creating both vision and hearing loss, and he’s responsible for unloading and stocking floor mats after they are cleaned and loading them for efficient delivery to our customers. Assistant Service Sales Representative (SSR) Phil, who has a learning disability, keeps customers highly satisfied with his work in our Deep Clean division.

Deep Clean Market Manager Jeremy Dettman praised these employees as exemplary and suggested the drive to be self-sufficient was an effective motivator on the job. “Peter does great work. Anything you throw at him, he wants to learn and take more responsibility, and again those are the traits we look for when we are screening employee-partners. And Shea is a strong worker who won’t stop until the job is done. Our great experience with Shea helped us embrace working with other employees with disabilities.”

“At Cintas, we care less about someone’s skills and more about their understanding of our culture because we can teach you the rest of the skills that you need,” said Plant Manager Braden Echard.

Military Engagement

 People and Partnerships Military Engagement

Cintas has earned a place on GI Jobs Top 100 Military Friendly Employer list every year since 2005 and continues to make recruiting military veterans a top priority. It’s part of our heritage—Cintas founder Dick Farmer earned the title of US Marine—and the military’s hit-the-ground-running culture creates an excellent fit for Cintas’ corporate ethos. We’re reached out to veterans in traditional ways for a quarter century to let them know Cintas welcomes their level of professionalism, but we’ve also increased our presence online, on social media platforms and on discussion forums where former and active military members congregate.

I Served: Military Veteran Employee-Partners in the Own Words

William Winters, HSE Coordinator

 People and Partnerships Bill Winters  People and Partnerships Bill Winters

I started my Marine Corps career in August, 1980 at Parris Island, SC. The culmination of my 26-year career was being selected to Sergeant Major. During my career I served in various infantry and aviation units throughout the Marine Corps. While all of my tours were rewarding, some that stood out for me were my tours as a Marine Cadre, a Drill Instructor, Enlisted Assignment Monitor for infantry Staff Non-Commissioned Officers and Company First Sergeant for Alpha Company Marine Barracks, 8th & I Washington DC. During my tour as a First Sergeant I also served on screening teams that selected Marines that would eventually serve on the Marine Corps Color Guard, the Silent Drill Platoon, the Marine Corps Body Bearers, the White House and Camp David.

It was during my tour of duty as a Company First Sergeant that I came to know Cintas. After receiving several inquiries on some of my transitioning Marines, I started having a few of those Marines inform me they had accepted positions with Cintas.

I did some research on the company and became intrigued when I discovered that Dick Farmer had also earned the title of United States Marine and a lot of the values that we as Marines hold in high regards are also valued at Cintas, this finalized my decision on where I would begin my next career.

Michael Scherping, Market Development Representative

 People and Partnerships Scherping   People and Partnerships Scherping

I joined the Air Force in May 2003 because I came from a military family (both parents) and was familiar with and accustomed to constant change. I also really wanted to see the world and earn that G.I. Bill so I could eventually go to college. I was Active Duty for 2 years and stationed at Peterson AFB, CO. When it suddenly became popular to shrink the Force back in 2005, I accepted the opportunity and cross-trained into the Reserves and moved back to Washington where my fiancé (now wife) landed a decent job.

It was then (and also because my father, Drew Scherping was the Catalog Manager) that I heard about Cintas and landed an interview. I’ve since deployed 3 times to the Middle East while getting promoted in the Air Force 4 times and at Cintas twice. I initially took a position at Cintas as the Dispenser Installer, but then got promoted and helped to pioneer the Sanis Ultra-Clean Service in Seattle, WA as one of the first ever 3 SSRs for that division. I am now a Master Sergeant (E7) for the Air Force on the weekends and going on my 6th year as an MDR for Cintas.

Engaging with Veterans in Our Communities

  • Illinois Governor Pat Quinn gave Cintas official membership in the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium, a group of Illinois employers who recognize the great value veterans bring to the workplace and operationalize the term "veteran-friendly" by committing to implement military veteran recruitment, training and retention practices.
  • Cintas was the title sponsor of the first military homecoming parade in Cincinnati in 98 years. It was a multi-generational welcome home—veterans from WWII to current conflicts were in attendance—and thousands of people came.
  • Cintas Pittsburgh had a Cintas-sponsored Wounded Warrior Project cornhole tournament and we also hosted the Cincinnati region Wounded Warrior Project summit at our corporate headquarters in Mason, OH.
  • As part of a key regional partnership, Cintas also sponsored the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Veterans Day weekend 5k in Cincinnati and San Diego.


SUPPLIER DIVERSITY: Achieving a base of suppliers which includes qualifed minority and women owned business enterprises.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: Cintas works with regional advocacy groups to offer development courses to business owners.



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