2014 Corporate
Responsibility Report


“It's not just enough to do the right thing—it must be done the right way.” Robert J. Kohlhepp, Chairman

We do the right thing the right way. We know that solid corporate governance is the root of good business. We're committed to responsible, ethical business practices that our customers, employee-partners, suppliers, shareholders and neighbors have come to expect from us. Cintas offers deeper knowhow and caring service at all levels of our company.

 Commitment Governance Hero

Cintas fosters social, economic and environmental sustainability.


We insist upon responsibility, accountability and consistency from members of our board of directors and company management at every level.

We operate according to the Cintas Code of Conduct, and are commited to practicing business and making decisions based on the highest ethical standards. This mandates full compliance with laws and regulations and preserves the integrity of our company.

    Code of Conduct Guidelines

    We ask the following questions for guidance if a business decision is murky:

  1. Will this action endanger anyone’s life, health or safety?
  2. Is it legal?
  3. Will I be violating either a law or a company policy?
  4. Is it honest in every respect?
  5. How will my actions make me feel about myself? Will it make me proud or ashamed?
  6. How will I feel if my actions were disclosed to the media?
  7. How will I feel if my family knows about it?

Learn more about our Corporate Governance policies here


At Cintas, we work every day to provide deeper knowhow and caring service to our customers.

We have a corporate culture with firm backbone and a long heritage, and as a company we continue to maintain high ethical standards. These expectations extend to our suppliers, vendors and contractors, and they’re outlined in our Vendor Code of Conduct.

We respect and comply with international social compliance and sustainability guidelines intended to promote and protect human rights and our environment. And we go beyond doing what’s merely required. We are driven by the belief that good corporate citizenship is key to our long-term success and it’s our responsibility to reflect that belief in our facilities and in our partnerships.

Vendor Compliance

All Cintas suppliers must comply with the company's Vendor Code of Conduct as well as all legal requirements. In order to ensure and monitor compliance with the Vendor Code of Conduct, Cintas requires each supplier on an annual basis to either be audited by an independent third party audit firm or certify that it is in compliance with our Vendor Code of Conduct.

Click here to read our Vendor Code of Conduct in full

  • Conflict Minerals

    Conflict minerals have become a serious and difficult issue for fair-minded companies around the world. Conflict minerals are those that are mined under conditions of human rights abuses. U.S. policy and laws are still evolving. Cintas is aware of the importance of this issue and is closely monitoring related U.S. government policies and regulations. New management systems have been developed and put into place to be able to react with speed and flexibility to developments. We will follow both the letter and the spirit of U.S. law pertaining to conflict minerals and will exercise vigilance in the purchase of these controversial substances and their derivatives while governmental solutions to this important issue are resolved.

    Cintas continues to expand our program surrounding Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. We properly filed our report for calendar year end 2014 and continue to improve our process and reporting in calendar year 2015. As a result, our program is in compliance with the current regulation as it is being administered by the SCC.

    Click here to see our 2014 SEC filing.

  • Anti-Corruption

    In continuing our commitment to Vendor Compliance here at Cintas, we implemented the government mandated requirements for FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) Compliance & the U.K. Bribery Act 2010 (“Bribery Act”) collectively, along with any other applicable laws, known as “Anticorruption legislation”.

    These laws, and various local laws throughout the world, prohibit or restrict the provision of payments or anything of value, directly or indirectly, to Government Officials, Customers, or political parties and require strict controls over the disposition and accounts of company assets.


CEO MESSAGE: A Corporate Responsibility message from CEO Scott D. Farmer.

CORPORATE CULTURE: Our corporate culture infuses our entire organization.



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